Summer Flies By

I just don’t know where the time goes! I knit, garden, work and before I know it Summer is about wrapping up!

The garden is finally starting to gain some momentum and I can only hope for a hot and long Indian Summer to see a good harvest. In Colorado we typically do not get as much rain as we have this year so I have run into some unfamiliar challenges with the garden. Early on we had hail a couple of times, then it just rained and rained and rained. You figure this would do a garden good and for our cucumbers and leafy veggies it has, but our tomatoes and peppers are not as happy. It’s all a learning experience and I still do have the wonderful farmers market to fill in the gaps.

garden1I finished the Aranami Shawl last month and I just love, LOVE it.  It has been a real treat to wear in my cold air conditioned office and chilly Colorado nights in the mountains. The yarn is so bouncy and just feels good. You can see all my project notes on my Ravelry page.

IMG_20140706_194700Now I am working on Hitchhiker…well to be honest I finished it but I wanted to save it for my next post which will hopefully come around sooner than this post did, lol. I will be prepping for the Salida Fiber Festival happening early September so I have a feeling it’s going to continue to be a very busy and exciting time. 🙂