I cannot believe it has been 83 days since my last post. 83 days! I’ve been busy and let’s just say life got in the way and I don’t feel so bad about it because if life is getting in the way, then I know I’m living.   I’m just going to jump right in where we left off, we’ll get caught up. 🙂

The last project I had in the works was the Saroyan scarf. This was such a easy going and relaxing knit.

The yarn is yummy Malabrigo Yarn Rios that I had purchased when I was out in Seattle during a work conference last November. You can see details on my Rav Project page here.

This is when my love affair with Seattle began. Wide-eyed and curious I explored the streets of Seattle and I just could not get enough. The Pike Market was my most favorite place to visit and I did so every morning before workshops began.

As the fruit vendor said to me “You are already a regular and it’s only been two days!”  His fruit was amazing. Not like anything I have ever tasted. Crisp Apples, juicy pears and the sweetest grapes would greet my taste buds early in the morning waking up all my senses for the start of a new day.

Creamy and hearty Clam Chowder beckoned me in the afternoons….

Delicate white wines and briny oysters seduced me at night…

All the while the salty ocean breeze accompanied me from place to place reminding me that I was in an embrace that was not of my own home.

And it did not rain a drop.