FO October Leaves Mitts

I realized out of all the yarn I dye, I rarely knit with it.  That’s odd. I do not knit with the my own yarn.  I thought about this for a while and my conclusion is I do not want to use yarn I have created that I think is beautiful because I would rather save it for my customers.  It’s true, why waste a perfectly good yarn on my projects when I can see what my customers will create with it? Well, that’s just silly I told myself. Wouldn’t my customers want to see all the beautiful things I can also create with my yarn? It may help them visualize what the yarn can be. So it was settled.


So I caked one of my own favorite colorways, found a project and began to swatch. I am pleased that the recommended needles and my yarn are at a perfect gauge so no adjustments will be necessary. The Yarn features earthy colors in browns, beiges, grey and cream. The project is October Leaves Fingerless Mitts. These are nice lightweight fingerless mitts that will be perfect when I begin my spring gardening. I also like that they go up on the thumb rather than just having a hole.

OakletMitts1.jpgOut of the same colorway, I have decided to jump on the Honey Cowl trend and have added this pattern to my queue. I have read a lot of knitters enjoyed this project and I figured it would show off the colors of the yarn very nicely and another lightweight layer to add while I’m in the garden.OatMittsCollage.jpgThese are my first projects of 2014, what have you worked on and completed already?