Garden Journal: I

We started our seedlings end of March for our warm weather veggies. We thought we were a bit late but in May we were still getting those lingering spring snowstorms that kept our veggies inside and protected from the drastic weather changes we were experiencing.

When it was time to bring the veggies outside in early June to get them ready for their new homes we realized were not behind at all. Everyone was very healthy and strong and the ground was ready to accept the transplants with minimal shock.

For our spring veggies, we sowed those directly outside. Radishes, Turnips, Beets, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, Broccoli and Spinach. They seemed to have a slow start but once we started getting some heat the radishes, turnips, beets and swiss chard sprouted right up and we have been able to enjoy some meals with them since.

Unfortunately the lettuce, broccoli and spinach decided not to do much. Gardening in Colorado can be challenging when we go from major snowstorm one week to upper 80’s the next and stay there and into 100 degree weather the remainder of the summer. I think it’s very confusing for our plants, but once they adjust we end up having a bountiful garden that will feed us mid summer and well into our autumn months. We will try again for the veggies that did not make it this spring in the fall.

I was excited this last weekend we were able to harvest our first round of turnips and enjoy them with our dinner that evening. I sliced them about ¼” thick and grilled them with some green garlic and garlic cloves. I put together some swiss chard and basil from the garden and lettuce and cucumbers from the farmers market tossed with a little olive oil and the warm turnips on top. It was so delicious, something new I have not done with turnips before but will be sure to do again.