Here, it Starts

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I embarked on an extraordinary Baja adventure. We officially crossed the border sometime late January and we returned around this time last year. Since then, I’ve slowly emerged from what seemed like a magical dream and back into reality. I have fully re-immersed into the corporate world, moved to a new place in the city and have easily settled back into that busy routine.  I have questioned myself about what I was going to do when I got back. The question came up again every few days, weeks, months and here I am now still pondering that same question. So, here it starts. A few words, thoughts, sharing my ideas and exploring creativity. 

I decided to sift through projects that did not make it on the trip with me, or projects I had a hard time knitting while traveling down the windy Mex 1 and I came across Sprössling. I was about 20 rows in before I decided to put more energy into the beautiful beaches and less into knitting.

I am still a new cardigan/sweater knitter so I chose this pattern knowing it would help me expand my skills. The lace repeat is pretty simple and zen however, I had already reached a challenge in the first decrease section. I am grateful for having the Ravelry community to turn to during times like these. I was able to find some very helpful notes in project pages that guided me through what I needed to do. It’s a good note to self, to try to update my own projects with as much info as I can, because it really could help someone else!

Upcycled Tray and Ottoman

Other projects have been centered around the home. I have had a strong desire to nest for a long time and I have had a great time finding new things to adorn my new home. I have especially enjoyed going to thrift stores and finding someone’s old throw away and making it my treasure.

My intention is to keep writing and sharing my projects, recipes and musings and a way to encourage creativity in my heart as well as try to keep others inspired.