Who? Who?

My oh my how this year is already flown by. Considering my last post was in January!

This girl here has been busy. It has mostly revolved around preparing my house to put on the market. Those of you who have done this understand it’s a lot of freaking work! My theme has been purge, purge and purge. Don’t worry though, my fiber and other creative possessions were excluded from the purge rule. The point being, when I sell my house I will have more time to spend on all my creative things. I realized when you get a lot of stuff, you have to find places for all that stuff, then it’s just more stuff you have to put away when you clean, and it’s more stuff you have to take care of. I’m ready to just take care of me and surround myself with my creative treasures. Those are the things that truly give me pleasure and make me feel like I have a purpose. For me it’s so much better than that couch and TV. Yes, I went extreme.

Ok, on to the fun stuff!  I finally finished my Owls Sweater! I never posted anything about it on the blog until now (see first paragraph) but better late than never! I did keep project notes updated on Rav, so check it out if you’re curious on my thoughts throughout the process. The jist of it, I loved the project, I loved the yarn and I love the sweater. It fits almost perfect. The sleeves could be a little longer for my liking but they are long enough to not look odd.


I am slowly transitioning to my new place and the first thing I set up was my jewelry studio. While I was in purge mode, I contemplated on giving up on my silversmith equipment since i have not touched it in years. Then I remembered why I was purging and the reward that awaits me when the house is sold. Creative explosion!  So I have started to dabble a bit here, hammer a tad there and made a few of these…


Stamping metal is a fun way to express yourself and connect to others. I now frequently wear my “Stay Calm, Knit On” necklace and people do ask about it and what it means. I am surprised the number of people that do not know the “Keep Calm..Carry on”, in my case Stay Calm and Knit On slogan but I am here to educate.

I plan going down many creative endeavors this summer. I’m not prejudiced I like crafts in all different sizes, colors and genres. It is a very exciting chapter to begin.