Yarn School

We all anxiously wait, keeping our eye on twitter and ravelry and hitting the refresh button every few seconds to see if the link will appear. Just waiting for any sign so when it does happen we can all jump on it, fill in the required information as quickly as our fingers will allow us then hit SUBMIT!

Yarn School. I’m in. It took dedication and patience. I waited and kept a watchful eye all day and finally at 10 pm on registration day, I hit refresh one last time before I finally gave up for the day and the link appeared. I went to bed with a big smile on my face and dreamed of spinning wheels, laughing with friends, chickens, sheep and delicious homemade meals.

Yarn School is a retreat for fiber obsessed, yarn loving, cocktail drinking ladies. It’s like one big slumber party hidden in the meadows of Kansas. Harveyville to be exact.

The School is just that, it’s an old high school. Rooms are set up in what used to be classrooms, the beds are queen sized with the most comfy down bedding. Like little girls we will run from room to room visiting with one another, sharing sweet treats, giggling and showing off fibery goods. Eventually we will make our way to the gym, listening to the soft hum of 20 plus wheels set up in a giant circle. Ladies chat and spin for endless hours sharing current and previous projects, techniques, showing off new equipment.

When our backs begin to ache and our legs need a stretch, this is the perfect time to stroll around the little farm set up in back. We can get our dose of snuggling with the wooly sheep and chasing after the chickens just so we can touch their light feathers. This is enough to work up an appetite that is rewarded with the most scrumptious home-made meals.

There are various classes/workshops included with the retreat, the highlight being Dye Lab. We get half a day to just play with color dyeing our pound of fiber that is generously supplied as part of the retreat. This is a great time to experiment and learn from fellow spinners and instructors.

Did I mention the field trips?  If the sheep are not enough to fulfill your wooly snuggle session you can go visit the alpaca ranch .  Here they also serve a homemade lunch and allow you to meet the alpacas. They have plenty of fleece to purchase as well finished yarns and garments.

The best part of Yarn School are the new friends you make that share the same passion. You can talk for hours about fiber without getting the blinky deer in the headlights stare and leaving your audience wondering if you have digestion problems.